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Q. Why do I have to buy the glass containers?

A. To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.We are passionate about creating a zero-waste company to help reduce both food waste, and also the crazy amounts of packaging and plastic people use while shopping or using other meal prep services. Our solution to this is that all our meals and delivered in beautiful glass containers. We ask you to purchase these with your first order as your commitment to helping the environment. We then reuse the containers for all your meals. The additional benefit of using glass containers is that they can go straight into the oven or microwave, and you can even eat your meal from them. This saves time on cleaning up dishes that are often used when preparing meals. We take care to separate animal proteins from our core meals, so any dietary restrictions within your family unit can be catered to.

Q. How are you supporting our community?

A. We care very much about both our local environment and community. Hence the glass containers to avoid one-time use plastic. In addition, we have partnered with local charity fighting chance to provide their patients in need with free meals. For every 10 meals we sell to you, we provide a free meal to a cancer patient. We have heard so many stories already from Fighting Chance patients who can now take something stressful off their plates. We also use local products were we can to make sure we are minimizing the carbon footprint used in delivering our food. That is also why we offer a pick-up service as our primary way to deliver your food, so we keep more delivery miles off the already busy roads.

Q. Whats special about the food labels?

We are glad you asked. We use special bio-degradable lables on your containers that completely dissolve when you either hand wash them, or put them in your dishwasher. Just another way we are being kind to the planet.